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    Giant Buddha in Leshan, China

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    Ballers only…

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  4. a girl can respect herself and still take booty pics wtf y’all talkin about

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    Dabbing with the calm this afternoon

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    Echo Mountain above Pasadena was once home to the world’s most powerful searchlight. At 3 million candlepower, it was said to be visible all across Los Angeles and even from Catalina Island.

    Part of the California Historical Society Collection in the USC Digital Library.

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  10. How long does it take to forget about people? I have never been this torn up about not having someone in my life. You were my partner in crime, my best friend and I miss you more than words. All of our memories still play over and over in my mind but it hurts more than it should. Thinking about the best times in my life shouldn’t bring me sadness. I miss you and If I did anything to cause this I would take it back in a heartbeat. I really hope you are happy and doing great. Hopefully I can see you soon because this year has been too long without you.